God Will Be There


Pastor David Johnston

3/26/20231 min read

This past week, I starting planning our church calendar for 2024. I know, it's too soon to be thinking about 2023 as history, but the fact remains that today will soon be past. Eventually, the evidence of today will be a memory. The problems of yesterday will fade away into what was.

Each day comes with it's own list of problems. Things that we have never faced before.

Yet, in our memory is the knowledge of how God handled our problems yesterday. If God handled them yesterday, you can rest in the fact that God can take care of them today.

None of us know what we will face tomorrow, but God brought us through yesterday, and God will see us through tomorrow.

Like in the Old Testament, God will be behind to protect from the enemy or He will be in front to lead us through. There may be other times God walks by our side, but I have also found times that God carries us.

Whatever we need, God will be there.