Pray For Your Family


Pastor Johnston

2/26/20231 min read

Pray for:

  • A hedge of protection

  • Godly character and qualities to be instilled in your children

  • Parents to be sensitive to the needs of the children

  • Children to receive the Holy Ghost

  • Children to develop good spiritual discipline

  • Children that have been mistreated or abused (God to send someone to them to care fore and love them)

  • Children from broken homes (God to heal the emotional wounds)

  • Their education:

    • That they do well in their secular studies

    • That they would be kept from false doctrines and activities that would cause their souls to be lost

    • That they be taught of God and His Word

  • That our thoughts be set on what is good, honest, true, of good report

  • That their lives be completely committed to Jesus Christ

  • That they be filled with a hunger for righteousness

  • That they would be witness that would many souls to Jesus Christ

  • A hunger for the Word of God in their hearts

  • Them to receive, accept, and respect parental guidance in their lives

  • God to strengthen every weakness

  • Them to seek the will of God in all areas of their lives (career, spouse, mission)

  • Their greatest desire to be pleasing unto God

  • Your marriage to be protected

  • That the husband love his wife as Christ loves the church

  • Your spouse: that they be sensitive and responsive to God

  • Your marriage be built on the Word of God

  • That your wife be a Godly example in the beauty of holiness

  • That your family always put God first