Rearranging Furniture


Pastor David Johnston

7/23/20231 min read

Today I was setting up in my office, looking around, thinking, "I need to tidy up a bit." So I started moving things around and then realized I was moving one pile where the previous pile had been. Some people would call that organization.

Then I thought, what I really need to do is rearrange the furniture. In my mind, I began to move the desk, the bookshelves, the credenza and the filing cabinet. There were a couple of arrangements when I was trapped behind my desk. Not good--even when it's only in your mind.

I went back to moving piles, so that I could say I had organized the office.

People try to do the same thing. They try to replace, redo and reorder their lives. At times, before they realize it, they have trapped themselves. Call it what you want: spreading your wings, finding yourself, whatever... You're just rearranging furniture. What you will find, is it was where it was supposed to be all of the time. Remember the song, "Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul?" I continue to be reminded of how true this is.